Korean Artbook Scans

We finally have scans of the relevant parts of the Ladybug Artbook! I've cross-refrenced these with my own copy.

A PDF will be viewable at the bottom of the page for higher quality.

Translation note: The artbook calls Miraculous Ladybug: 'Ladybug' (which is the Korean title of ML season 1 for channel EBS)

'Ladybug'  has been translated to 'Miraculous Ladybug'. The translator has done some liberal translations, so please note that the translation may not be 100% accurate to the original text.

Early Miraculous Ladybug

Before 3D animation, Miraculous Ladybug was planned as a 2D animation first, and protagonists' personalities and abilities are different from now.

The early setting of Miraculous Ladybug was more like a teen drama, but after series of meetings the production crew chose the route to reduce teen drama elements and reinforce Ladybug and Chat Noir's superhero elements.

Early concept Ladybug

Marinette, who believes herself to bring misfortune all the time, happened to find earrings one day. In in those earrings, the power to be the superhero Ladybug was hidden.

Ladybug’s power isn’t a great superpower, but it brings good luck,* like rain falling when there is fire, or a truck loaded with beds happening to pass by when someone falls from high-rise.

At daytime, Marinette lives as an ordinary student. And at night, she transforms into Ladybug and protects Paris with Chat Noir from the evil Pergue**, who threatens Paris. Marinette has a crush on Felix, but she doesn’t know that Chat Noir is Felix in transformation.

Marinette has kung fu skills, and fights for justice in Ladybug’s “Bug suit”. The bag around her waist has various weapons.

*: I made a liberal translation, because when I translated it 'brings good luck' repeats, and I thought it would be awkward to put the same lines continuously

**: The artbook doesn't tell what's the official spelling of 페르그 in English. Pergue is a temporary spelling I made

Ladybug's early stage weapons

Unlike the current Ladybug, Ladybug in early stage was able to use her yoyo more dynamically, and in various ways. When the yoyo is split into two and becomes Twin bug, it can be used as small bombs or throwing then connecting a rope***, or express dynamic movements by putting wheels on, or putting it on her back.

But instead of using something that can be sensational, like swords and shields as a motif, it was decided to focus on the functions of the magic yoyo itself.

***: 'Throwing then connecting the rope' is likely my mistranslation. The original text is '날려서 줄을 잇다', but I couldn't think of the right translation of it, and the translator didn't help either. What I interpreted is throwing one twin bug over then connecting a rope with the two twin bugs. Please keep in mind about this part. 

Bug stick: After splitting the yoyo into two, when putting together long, it lengthens into a form of a rod

Bug shield: Can be used at emergencies. It’s a similar idea to spinning the yoyo hard and bouncing off the enemy’s attack

Bug saber: When turning the yoyo into a shape of a ladybug, it could be used as a saber-shaped weapon which can cut anything

Bugs bomb: The yoyo also served as a grenade

Early concept Chat Noir

Chat Noir, who protects Paris with Ladybug, brings misfortune unlike how Ladybug brings good luck.

With the magical power emitting from the ring, he gives misfortune to the enemy by blocking its retreat or stranding them by setting a trap. With Ladybug’s luck and Chat Noir’s misfortune together, any case can be solved.

Chat Noir likes Ladybug, but he doesn’t know Ladybug is Marinette, who like his civil form, Felix.

To take the cursed ring off Chat Noir has to get Ladybug’s kiss, and he is not really interested in saving Paris. He is only studying on how to date with Ladybug.*

*This is actually in one line, but I cut it into two because keeping it in one line seemed awkward 


Early Chat’s Noir’s ability can be largely divided into “Black Storm” and “Black hole”. The two abilities both use the ring’s power, and with the ability Chat Noir can bring misfortune such as obstructing and destroying the enemy.

Early concept Felix

Under Chat Noir’s mask, there is Felix. Felix is Marinette’s classmate, and popular among girls.

Marinette has a crush on Felix, but Felix isn’t interested in Marinette. He loves Ladybug, whom he can meet when he transforms into Chat Noir, but he doesn’t know Ladybug’s identity is Marinette.

His specialties are athletics and boxing, and when he rotates the ring, he can transform into Chat Noir. Felix is much more cheerful when he transforms into Chat Noir.

Early concept - Evil organization* Pergue

Hawkmoth’s early model, Papillon, is the head of the evil organization Pergue. Papillon’s real name is Richard Sphinx and has insight into the future with the help of the kwami Null’s supernatural power.

He has enormous wealth and eloquence, and is obsessed with wealth and a desire of domination to forget the pain of his missing wife.

Papillon’s kwami Null is planning to change the world back to the state of zero, and Tikki and Plagg each got trapped in the earrings and ring due to Null.

Unlike Hawkmoth, who works alone currently, Papillon works as an organization and is with his capable secretary, Pokerface. Pokerface’s real name is ‘Adoni Duther’**.

She has the power to make every emotion from people of the world disappear. Pokerface loves Papillon, but understands it is an emotion unachievable, and serves as Papillon’s loyal secretary.

*In literal translation, it's actually 'Villain organization'. I thought 'Evil organization' would be more natural, so used that instead

**There is no romanization for 아도니 두서, so this is what I presume. I chose 'Adoni' because I found that according to Wiktionnaire, 'Adonis' in French means a type of butterfly

Mr. Pigeon

An ornithologist who believes pigeons are the smartest. He invents various weapons that can control pigeons, and the most powerful weapon Mr. Pigeon invented is a weapon that corrode objects with pigeon poo. He has the power of the kwami Becil***, who represents foolishness.

Le Mime

Every performance art the mime artist Le Mime does can turn into a real event. For example, if Le Mime pretends to hold a hammer, someone will really get hit by a hammer. With the help of Mimic, the kwami with the ability of miming, he continues committing crimes.

***Like Adoni Duther, this 베실 has no romanization too. I presumed it as 'Becil', because of the word 'imbecile' 

Gone side characters

Ladybug had more allies aside Chat Noir at early stage. In early concept, just like how villains formed a group with their own powers from their kwami*, it was devised to give heroes their own kwami and story to tell various stories, but it has disappeared, leaving possibilities.

*In original text it's actually 요정, which means 'fae(or fairy, spirit)' in Korean. Since 요정 is the Korean localization for kwami, I decided to translated this word to kwami