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This is ArtbookWiki, a small project to compile as much of the pre-canon/Ladybug Classic and early release information about Miraculous Ladybug as I can. Some of the information is stuck together with theory and fanon, but is otherwise presented as-is. This.. Isn't actually a wiki. But hey, the title sounded good. I've mostly done this by myself, but a shout out to the fandom before me and the Felinette Discord for help

if an image is too small or blurry, right-click the image and click "view in new tab" or your OS/Browser's equivalent. This will bring you to the highest resolution version of that image.

WANTED: S1 Japanese Blu-Ray Scans

There is a box set currently on the market that claims to have the PV as a bonus feature

There is also bonus art in the booklet. I would love some HQ Scans

I would love to be able to feature the raw video here if it is ever ripped. It currently exists on YouTube. Please let me know if it is found and available.

WANTED: Lost Animation

There is currently a missing animation that we do not have access to that uses the old model for Marinette from Ladybug Adventures.

The other animations from this batch have been found but this one is currently lost. I would appreciate any information regarding it.


I need your help!

If there is something you feel is incorrect, misrepresented, or I am missing something? Have a higher quality version of an image or a corrected translation? If so..

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