Later 3D

The final Stretch, some differences but characters are coming into fruition and the new direction the show went in became finalized. and yes, Manon was originally white apparently.

Also included is the original ladybug theme, apparenty Cat Noir had a singing role as well. Hm.

Rena was once known as Volpina

Also, some concept designs for rena rouge/volpina before her introduction

Some older concepts for kwami. there is not a lot of differences to how we got them in the show, but notibly: 

*Trixx' purple mouth

*Pollen's solid blue eyes.

Semi-final class designs. Some differences, but not a lot.

an early version of hawkmoth that has no other source as of now.

The potions were originally pearls.

Miraculous - Leaked Promo (2015).mp4