Ladybug PV

Ladybug PV (abbv. Promotional Video) was a test animation done by TOEI using the Null Era concepts, starring Marinette and Felix as Ladybug and Chat Noir.


Did anyone ask for PV in 1080p? No? Well, now you got it!

Fuzz-tastic! PV Concept Art from the BD-Box Set Promo Pack S1! As provided by Keentrigger! Thank you!

Some HD screens were uncovered, browse at your leisure.


Frustrated by the lack of audio in the PV? No worries! This is the original audio that came with it- what do you mean it's from another anime?

Yes, really. This is legit.  Trust me, i wish I was joking but this is the version that has audio, and the version most see on YT (note the errors in the video.)

Someone flipped it out for the "Up Ladybug" theme for the YT version we all know and love.

the file is dated as 2012.

Some earlier concept art was redrawn as PV

Non-Direct PV Appearances in the Canon Show

the PV has appeared as an in-universe cartoon or movie, as well as merch with the designs of the characters. It's most likely that any addition of Rena is post-production, but any other part may be unreleased footage. The poster is not unique to the PV and was drawn for the show.

Wanted: Scans from the JP Season 1 Box Set

There is a box set currently on the market that claims to have the PV as a bonus feature

there is also an artbook. I have pictures, but would love scans.

Please let me know if you make scans of it.