Adrien Nanty

ill write more later

he lives in a hotel and has a broken leg

Marinette Cheng

Her family lives above "Grandpa" Fu's shop of knick-knacks and souvenirs, her uncle teaches her Kung fu. 

Eventually indended to take over the role of guardian.

Marinette's earring is a key to her diary, Nobody, Not even Tikki, knows what is in the diary- and it was intended to be a mystery.

Marinette's diary was once meant to become her yo-yo, just as Adrien's cane was meant to become his staff. These were, technically, the miraculous themselves, but the earring and signet ring were meant to be counters- as they originally had 5 powers each, and each use "spent" a dot or paw pad. Once all are used up, they would get 5m before they lost their powers and had to retreat. The only way to charge them (besides, what I assume would be time.) would be to capture an Akouma (yes, spelled like that) and return it to the Orb. 



Alya (Bible: 09.07.2012)

Alya is here! The best friend of Marinette / Ladybug. 

As eccentric as Marinette is classic, Alya wears extravagant outfits, swinging from gothic to geeky. She takes pride in being nothing like the others. It's her way of distinguishing herself.

Alya is perfectly at ease with all things technology and telecommunications. Moreover, she's a budding reporter for the college newspaper! Alya got it into her head to get an interview with the superheroine. Alya seeks to gather as much information as possible about this mysterious Ladybug and runs after her goal- getting herslef in danger by getting too close to the bad guys.

During her investigations, that Alya sometimes gets too close to the truth and is about to unmask her best friend. Anyway, Marinette would deny, she would never tell Alya her secret.

Alya is the eldest of a large family. His parents are from Reunion Island. Alya shares her bedroom with her younger sister. The room is divided in two. Alya's half is lined with posters of comic book superheroes, the floor is strewn with cables connected to an imposing DIY computer station. Her sister's half is just a pink jumble of dolls and clothes.

When Marinette and Alya find themselves outside of college, Alya prefers to go to Marinette's house, to escape her intrusive little sister.

Reckless, Alya seeks thrills at all costs, which often gets her into trouble. Intolerant of injustice, she never hesitates to defend the weak, even against those much stronger than her. Basically, Alya behaves in everyday life like Ladybug would, unlike Marinette who lets her shy personality take over when she's out of costume.

She is very talkative and never hesitates to give her opinion. Besides, she has theories on everything, admittedly- they are often very absurd.

Alya is fascinated by Ladybug whose adventures she experiences vicariously. She dreams of gaining powers and becoming a heroine like Ladybug. 

Alya took Marinette under her wing. It's her way of acting like a heroine on her own scale. She protects her, even though Marinette doesn't need it, Alya is like a mother hen, she's a hen friend!

The two girls love each other. Alya and her exaggerated attentions make Marinette laugh.

The only disagreement between the two friends: the boys!

Alya doesn't understand how Marinette can fall for Adrien. She finds that he is playing it too much, even if Marinette assures him that he was not like that before. Alya prefers to cover her ears when her friend spreads about her.

On the other hand, Alya finds Cat Noir super classy, ​​molded into his somewhat gothic leather uniform. Oh! If only Alya was Ladybug...

The Bugettes

Alya (Bible: 09.07.2012)

Alya has been Marinette's best friend forever!

Alya wants to become a reporter. She is nosy and curious, making her perfect for running the school newspaper. But her ultimate goal? To get the ultimate scoop! The first exclusive interview with Ladybug, first, but also one with Cat Noir… (but for another reason... she finds him too cute!)

Alya is the eldest of a large family. His parents are from Reunion Island.

Unlike Marinette, Alya is not emotional or clumsy in society and nothing stops her when she has something to say.

She is outspoken and does not support injustice. She never hesitates to defend the weak in public, even against those much stronger than her. Basically, Alya behaves in everyday life like Marinette does when she's in Ladybug. Alya doesn't need a superhero costume!

Be in fashion ? Alya doesn't care! She dresses how she wants. The important thing is that she is comfortable.

She sometimes bends to the stylistic experiments of her friend Marinette. She doesn't really like it, but you have to make an effort to support your best friend! And then in return, Marinette gives him a few helping hands for his college journal.

Alya is fascinated by Ladybug. Moreover, she tries to gather as much information as possible about this mysterious Ladybug, which sometimes leads her to put herself in danger by getting very close to the bad guys.

It may happen, during her investigations, that Alya gets closer to the truth and is about to unmask her best friend. Anyway, Marinette would deny, she would never tell him her secret.

Often, Alya asks Marinette to accompany her in her investigations, delegating to her the role of official photographer. Of course, Marinette is never around to take a picture when, finally, Alya sees Ladybug!!!

Alya is both a friend and a mother hen for Marinette: she is a hen friend! She tries to help Marinette overcome her social hyper-emotionality and, in particular, her difficulty telling Adrien that she considers him more than just a friend. Even if Alya really doesn't see why Marinette is so obstinate with Adrien!

Although Marinette sometimes tends to overwhelm her with words and be too hyper active for her, Alya adores her friend. 

Speculation: There is no text info on the Bugettes, but we can glean a little bit of information from their images: While Greenhopper and Killerbee have clearer ties to Alix and Chloe respectively, Dragonfly seems to bear a resemblance to Sabrina. Thus, knowing that they were once a trio of bullies, we can assume that they would either be an effective replacement for the Quantic Kids, or act as a rival group to LB and CN.

Their Weaponry, "miraculous", and kwami are completely unknown, if they even had any.

Chloe Delanorac

Chloé is the rotten-spoiled daughter of the elected mayor. Blonde hair, precious and pretentious, she is the leader of her clique. 

She never hesitates to use her influence to get ahead, always ready to promise a parking space to a professor in exchange for a good grade. 

She is interested in Adrien because he is handsome and rich- (that's not going to help her seduce Adrien.) But, the fact that he resists her makes her want him even more! (Not because she loves him...) 

Thus, she has a rivalry with Marinette over him, and hates her.

Sabrina Ratif

Sabrina, aka Madame Regulation!

Very much a rule stickler, she is responsible for the briefcase ( which contains the notebook class call), Sabrina is a good student and better reporter. 

She tries to remind Chloe of the rules and when she last transgressed them, but Chloé knows how to make her understand that she is a force of nature. 

Sabrina hates her red hair and her skin that turns red with the slightest ray of sunlight. Because of this complex, she is desperate to sound interesting, even if it means talking nonsense.

She does not like to be caught being ignorant- but as a consequence, she can become decietful. She's a chatterbox who has elevated lying to the rank of art! 

She worships Chloe, whose beautiful blond hair, matte skin and personality she admires.

Alix Coopedelle

Alix is a very tomboyish little brunette who is only interested in football and frisbee. 

She does not hesitate to compete with boys, but is often rejected. 

"We don't play with girls!" she often hears them say. 

Alix does not recognize herself either in the clichés of girls or in those of boys. But she would like to find her place all the same. So she hangs out with Chloe to learn how to become more feminine. She has nothing against Marinette and Alya, but hey, you have to do what Chloe says because the captain is in charge, you see?!

(Later bibles)
Alix is a free electron. She goes from one group to another, according to her moods. She's free, a nomad. She does what she wants when she wants. Moreover, she supports Adrien, finding that her father is a torturer.If you want, I can talk to your father!

There is a real feeling between her and Adrien.

She does not hesitate to compete with boys, for her there is no difference, girls are as capable as guys!

Renaud Lahiffe (Bible: 09.07.2012)

Renaud Lahiffe is a 13-year-old otaku. Big fan of cosplay, passionate about TV series... his personality varies depending on the movie he saw the day before. If he has seen a kung-fu movie, he will behave like a martial arts master! If it was a sci-fi movie, it'll be speaking in Plutonian all day!

One constant characteristic, however: while Renaud is normally exuberant, he is so shy in the presence of a girl that he becomes unable to speak to her! He is deeply infatuated with Marinette, but she doesn't seem to notice.

Renaud Lahiffe (Bible: 03.10.2012)

Renaud is part of Marinette's group of friends.

He is passionate about music, video games, cinema, TV series... in short, everything that is pop-culture. He's always running, and emitting 100,000 volts! Sometimes it can tire you out when he wants to tell you something- he can send you the same text 100 times, to be sure you got it! Quit grilling your laptop!

He wants to become a radio host. He set up his own radio in college. He even managed to replace the school ringtone with very original jingles that he created himself. It's more fun! And he changes the jingle every week. His passion takes up so much space that he forgets a little that he is also a schoolboy!

He has an incredible collection of t-shirts from which he draws to dress according to the latest films he has seen. If he's seen a kung fu movie, he'll wear a t-shirt with a pair of nunchaku on it.

Renaud is deeply infatuated with Marinette, but she doesn't seem to notice- but with with Alya, they often bicker.

Alya is the girl who has her feet on the ground; Renaud is passionate. She swears only by serious investigations, while he always has eccentric theories. They don't realize yet that they have much more in common than they think...

Renaud isn't nearly as brave as the girls, and it wouldn't occur to him to fight. When he gets bothered, it's even Alya who comes to his rescue. Despite everything, Renaud is always ready to go out of his way to help his friends.

Edwin Schrödinger

Edwin Schrödinger is a gifted 10 year old (he skipped 3 grades!) passionate about quantum physics and pure mathematics. He is Renaud's best friend, to whom he serves as a translator when he tries to invite Marinette to the cinema in Plutonian.

Edwin likes order and tidiness. For example, he must imperatively sit in the same place, whatever the classroom, and take his prune juice at 4:00:00 p.m.

Edwin often uses a very "technical" and "scientific" vocabulary! So when he tries to translate Renaud, it's not necessarily very effective!

Tom Cheng

Tom and Sabina Cheng are living proof that opposites attract.

Tom is a cartoonist. Creative, always smiling, he loves cooking and partying. It's a real head in the air. It is not uncommon to find him with his shirt backwards. As a result, he is always late to return his boards.

Sabine is a lawyer. Organized, head on shoulders, she spots the lie miles away!

Even if they bicker, they love each other deeply because they both share the desire to be useful to their neighbour. He by giving people dreams, she by protecting them.

Marinette admires them. She would love to be like them, but she doesn't think she has the talent of her father, nor the strength of character of her mother.

That's why she spares no effort to carry out her mission as Ladybug. When she sees her parents applauding the exploits of the ladybug superheroine, she knows she makes them proud of her, even if she can't tell them her secret.

When she doubts herself, she knows that they will always find the words to encourage her.

Grandpa Fu (Bible: 09.07.2012)

Grandfather Fu is an eccentric and gruff old man who runs a bazaar in the Belleville district. Everyone around here calls him "Old Fu". He often mumbles in Chinese, but speaks French very well, when he wants!

Marinette adores Old Fu and considers him her true grandfather. She calls him "Grandfather Fu". And even times, when her tongue forks, "Grandpa." But he doesn't like that. That's old! He's only 114 years old!

He is always dressed haphazardly, flip-flops in winter, fur boots in summer. The only constant is his favorite football team's scarf! The only hobby he enjoys is betting on snail races. The rest of the time, he runs his shop...

But make no mistake, this is all a ploy: in the secrecy of his back room, he is the Keeper of the Orb, a magical object that houses the Kwamis. He is the last of a millennial tradition of Guardians. The Aspiring Guardians were all trained in a temple lost deep in Asia. Only the best of them became the Keeper of the Orb.

The Keeper of the Orb can only entrust a kwami ​​to a noble-hearted person. Which has never happened before, because according to Fu, he has never met one! So no one has ever had a Kwami.

It must be said that what he experienced made him suspicious: due to the instability of the region, the temple was destroyed and the Order of the Guardians dispersed. Fu had to take refuge in France so that the Orb wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

Touched by Marinette's kindness, he puts the Chengs up at a friendly price in an apartment he owns in the same building as his store. In exchange, Marinette gives him a hand with his housework or sometimes cooks for him.

Even if he seems grumpy and grumpier, he adores Marinette. But he never shows it, because he is very demanding, both for himself and for others. Marinette is not fooled by this: when he tells Marinette that his shrimp rice was "not bad for once", she knows that he actually found it delicious! Besides, he wants to finish the dish, but just because it shouldn't be spoiled. Yes that's it…

Eventually, he would like Marinette to take over and become the new Guardian.

Grandpa Fu is the only adult who knows Marinette is Ladybug, as well as Marinette the only one who knows "Old Fu" is a Guardian. It's the two of them's little secret. Word and mouth shut, her parents won't know!

Grandpa Fu (Bible: 03.10.2012)

Grandfather Fu is an elusive, omniscient old man. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. One day a bookseller, the other day a souvenir seller, sometimes a sweeper or elevator operator for the Eiffel Tower.

He pops up where you never expect him, in different outfits each time, but he's always there to help Ladybug and Cat Noir. You can tell he takes malicious pleasure in changing his skin, in surprising… he's a player!

Fu was the Keeper of the Orb, a magical object that houses the Akoumas. He is the last of a millennial tradition of Guardians.

The Guardian must ensure that the Orb does not fall into the wrong hands. But someone managed to steal the Orb. For Fu, it's complete dishonor!

Decidedly, it is time to think about his succession. But before that, he must regain his honor, and recover the Orb. For this, Fu decided to get help from two young college students: Marinette and Adrien.

He summons them separately to tell them his secret and ask for their help. Then, he gives everyone a Kwami. Tikki for Marinette, Plagg for Adrien. He then explains to everyone that to give them powers, the Kwami lodges in an object belonging to them.

Tikki fits in Marinette's earrings. As for Plagg, he lodges in Adrien's cane. Very cool!

More than a trainer, Fu will be for them a mentor, a guide. Above all, he will give them advice rather than training. He helps them to think for themselves, to find solutions using their heads and not just their powers.

Fu / Marinette Relationship

Fu chose Marinette because she is the kindest and most selfless young girl he has ever met.

Although he seems grumpy and grumpier, Fu adores Marinette. But he never shows it, because he is very demanding, both for himself and for others. Marinette is not fooled by this: when he tells the young girl that her pastry (which she tried to make herself, helped by her dad of course) was "not bad for once", she knows that in fact, he found it delicious! (Besides, he wants to eat a second of it, but just because it shouldn't be wasted. Yes that's it…)

Fu gave Marinette the mission to retrieve the Akoumas. Each time she has captured one, she must return it to him.

No need to look for it, Fu will always know how to be where it's needed. He puts the recovered Akoumas in a new orb he made.

Eventually, he would like Marinette to take over and become the new Guardian. For this, he will train her and teach her everything he knows.

Fu/Adrien Relationship…

Fu noticed Adrien because Marinette tends to talk about him often. Fu quickly understood that a strong bond unites these two young people and that Adrien was a boy you could count on.

Fu thinks that Ladybug needs an assistant whose role will be to help her capture the Akoumas but also to protect her.

Adrien was the ideal person for this.

Of course, Adrien must agree to be "only" the protector, the assistant in this story… what's more of a girl!!! Anyway, ok… he will.

Adrien is intimidated by Fu. Surely because the latter expects him to show him that he was right to trust him. Adrien does not want to disappoint him. Unlike his father who protects him and doesn't trust him, Fu pushes Adrien to be independent, to fend for himself, to use his free will and become what he really wants to be.

When with Fu in Ladybug's presence, Adrien/Cat Noir must balance the respect he owes Fu with the desire to show Ladybug that he is not impressed at all. But beware of him! If he brags a little too much, Fu always knows how to put him in his place. The mission he has entrusted to them requires seriousness.

Dominique "Le Major" Daume

The mentor of Adrian. He is a former soldier who became the bodyguard of Adrien's father. The Major, "Dominique Daume" has become a trusted man of the family over the years

It was Madame Nanty, Adrien's mother, who insisted that he become their butler, because she wanted someone to always be there to take care of Adrien after his accident. Madame Nanty and her husband are too busy with their business and consider that their son is much more fragile than he really is.

Don't be fooled by his stature. This colossus (who could knock down a tree with a punch!) is a fine and refined man, polyglot and very cultured. Self-taught, his knowledge comes from the field. He has amazing stories on everything from fishing swordfish with Hemingway and advising him to write a book about it.

Very aware of the codes of high society without being stuffy, the Major knows how to play his role to perfection. Always discreet and knowing how to anticipate the slightest need, this fine cook is also very picky about cleaning.

Contrary to what Madame Nanty ordered him, the Major manages to give Adrien as much autonomy as possible. He understood that it would not be doing him a favor to constantly assist him. He always encourages him to do things on his own. Adrien is very grateful to him.

The relationship between Adrien and the Major is therefore both full of restraint and very complicit. They love each other, but will only show it in an implied way. No big outpourings like with Marinette and Alya.

Adrien is unaware that the Major caught him transforming into Cat Noir. But the Major, respectful of his secret, told him nothing. He prefers to wait for Adrien to open up on his own.

Until that day comes, he will discreetly make it easy for him, anticipating his needs for alibis when he needs to transform.

Marinette's Uncle

He was said to have taught Marinette Kung Fu. His art has been labed as both Tom and as Marinette's Uncle.

Police Captain

Unknown Character