Pre-Release Models

I have limited access to 4 models. Ladybug_Rigged, Ladybug_Civillian, blackcat, and ch03 (le mime)

These are the models i currently have access to, and their rigging is broken due to being .fbx files and loaded in blender (they are originally .max files.) In fact, the ladybug one is totally unloadable and I will have to work with it more.

in order to view them properly, I have had to remove all rigging and apply textures manually. 

These models will not be released past their screenshots due to sensitivity reasons, these screenshots are for comparison and cataloging.

I hope my work has been enough for you to get the gist of what they looked like.


This is a very cool Marinette model. Her face shape is much rounder and "cuter" than her retail counterpart. Her eyes are grey and she is rocking her shorts, loafers and collared shirt outfit! 

Super cool! She also has the weird pointy red spikes in her outfit. She is the most complete of the models. Her skin texture has light freckling on it!!

This is the "felix" model. You can tell it is him due to his thinner face, pointer/squared off nose, almond eyes, and weird toe-shoe design. 

Compared to the current adrien model, it's severely lacking in some features, such as clawed hands and proper design and definition. Other concept art shows design aspects that are lacking on this one.

Note that the green eyes are not accurate and are colored as such because that eye is the only one available. I included it in order to define it from the face texture and to show off his kitty/slit eye-shape. 

Lots of his textures are missing in the files. 

And finally, le mime. I have had a hell of a time working on him, but here he is! There is not much to say about him other than he looks similar, but not exactly, like the one in retail. Retail has a lot softer of a design for him.

His model is the most messed up, it was a hassle getting him put together, and I wasn't sure if he even came with a head before I realized that the file had stretched it for literal miles (in blender!) wild.

I will post more screens as desired. Later.