Super Lady Luck

Super Lady Luck was a slot machine utilizing the Ladybug IP created by ISOFTBET. It's a mishmash of everything from QK to Early 3D assets- and, in fact, carry the only known instances of Null-Era animations. there is a significant amount of Quantic Kids art and very early ladybug designs, which makes it hard to place on the development timeline exactly. 

There were several versions of the game, some are lost to time and only exists as screenshots. The latest version may be accessible, but due to both gambling restrictions and unfortunately, the death of flash. As of now, it's officially lost media- and what I cound find, compile, and crop is located here, along with videos.

Version 1 - LadyBug

This version had the oldest concept art, and hosted some early Quantic Kids designs, including Mercury- as well as the initial version of Ladybug and CN (AKA "THAT ONE CONCEPT ART") that existed right after mini-menace.  Confusingly, there are 3D models of several QK, as well as Richard, and it's unknown how early or late the actual art was placed in development.


Version 2 - LadyBug Adventures

Another version lost to time, as well as the most interesting one- it contained preliminary and test animations of the major players in Ladybug Classic/Ladybug Adventures. At this time, I am unable to locate proof that these were attatched to Super Lady Luck specifically, but they were said to come from this version of the game. There is also a mysterious icon of Marinette as she appeared around the qkids era, but no screenshots show this.

Version 3 - Super Lady Luck

Well documented, at least, as much as possible. Some of the art exists outside of the icons, but this is what I got.

Raw Images

Media and Animation

47 (2).flv

Examples of The Logo Changing

Interesting things of Note

Ladybug was once named Lady Luck, theoretically. This aspect does not change, and some sites game reviews call her such.

Black Cat, (Which is a direct translation of Chat Noir): is often refered to as her enemy.

The Ring feature may have been intended for Chat Noir, as he once had lightning/thunder themes (Black Storm, to name an example.) as well as the fact that the ability transformed symbols into aces (The symbol with Chat's Ring on it)

This test is used for the animation in-game

Triggering the Bonus game is when the Extended Wild (Chat) and Bonus (Ladybug) were close and facing one another, this did a little heart animation and toggled a wheel-like minigame.

The Extended Wild art matches some of the oldest Ladybug art