Glossary of Pre-canon Characters

Here is an easy to reference list of pre-canon designs, characters, and their fandom names. Also, where they come from, and a summary of their most common characterizations- if any. Very few of the names listed here are canon, and are all fandom-assigned.

The Mini Menace

The Mini Menace, Ladybug

The Original Ladybug and the sole variant to exist of Marinette. She is notably older, able to drive a car and is clearly sexualized in some of the mini menace cover arts.

Le Chat Noir
The Mini Menace, Le Chat Noir

The Original Chat Noir.

Not much to say on him other then it seemed he may have servered more as a foil to Ladybug instead of her partner.

I think he has stubble, ew.

Le Chat Noir
The Mini Menace, Le Chat Noir

A Variant of the Original Chat Noir.

I call him Niklaus, Niko for short. But you do you.

The Quantic Kids

Quantic Kid, Lady Bug

Earliest design of Marinette, who has darker skin, grey eyes, and black hair. She attempted to get into gymnastics in order to impress Nathan.

Quantic Kid, Chat Noir

The earliest name known for Chat Noir. He often gets given the brunt of Chat Noir's worst traits, as well as his more selfish motivations- leading him to become more of a villain than a hero in the eyes of fandom. His name comes from an old article during the earliest phases of the series' development, around the era of the Quantic Kids.

Some like to depict him as Felix and/or Adrien's eldest brother.

Quantic Kid, Melodie

Earliest Known design for Chloe, her character lasted longest in development, as even Flora has her clothes. She eventually was scrubbed in favor of the villainess, Chloe. She's often depicted as Marinette's closest friend (even though Alya technically existed at the time) and her personality has varied from mom-friend to catty.

Quantic Kid, Kid Mime

where did u come from where did u go

Oft depicted as Felix' annoying foil, his energetic and confident attitude in his concept art as both hero and civilian- as well as his silly hero concept, has designated him as the team's jokester and comic relief.

Quantic Kid, Mercury/Gavroche

Earliest design for Nino, as implied by the green and headphones. He one of the only black, male civilian characters depicted before Nino. Gavroche is clearly black, whereas Mercury had black features. While he could be either/or, he is most commonly depicted as Mercury.

Allen is headcannoned as either a massive flirt or aroace with very little in between.

Quantic Kid, Sparrow

He Is never explicitly stated to be Sparrow, but is often assigned the role of Sparrow in fandom. He is notably older than the others.

The Null Era

Rena Rouge

Early Design for Alya. She's been Marinette's best friend since the beginning. She's been depicted with red hair in some of her art- which fandom carries over in order to have a degree of separation from Alya.


Early design for Chloe. Different enough from Allegra, she is a strangely mysterious step in development, and is in that sweet spot as Marinette's friend slightly before she was developed into Chloe. Some call her hero forme "Honeybee", as she is not quite the bratty, queen bee of the school yet. She is often depicted as a kind, excitable, space cadet.

She is also known in the fandom as Amber

Felix Sphinx
Chat Noir

The earliest version of Adrien, he was notably withdrawn and quiet, if not grumpy and tsundere. He is given the surname Sphinx- as Richard Sphinx is the Papillon (Hawk Moth) of his era of development. While stated that the idea that Chat Noir being related to Papillon was an Adrien-era thing, Felix has many connections to Richard in design and personality dynamics.

An interesting trait is that in the Artbook, he is listed as having boxing as a hobby. Older fandom gave him ballet.

Marinette Cheng

Often misidentified as Bridgette, Marinette as she existed in this era isn't very different- although, she may be more confident- as she is able to actually speak to Felix. She is claimed to be into kung-fu but thats kinda cringe so dont do that.

It is notable for not having the "Dupain-" in her last name.

Richard Sphinx
Le Papillon

Richard is an early version of Gabriel. His white outfit, connection to the fairy (kwami) known as "Null", his concept art depicting either total neutrality or fury, and assistant with the ability to remove emotions- as well as the Butterfly being able to manipulate emotions- has led to the assumption that he desires to eliminate emotions from his life due to the loss of his wife- leading to a nonstop search for power.

Adoni Duther

Earliest known version of Nathalie, she is madly in love with Richard- a goal she knows she cannot achieve due to his search for power. She has the ability to render people emotionless, and is Richard's loyal secretary for his company, Ferg/Pergue

Twin Bodyguards
The Domino Brothers

older version of gorilla

Fairy of Nothingness

Null was a fairy (Kwami) who worked with Richard in order to achieve it's goal to "return the world to nothing."